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where to try oysters this February

Does the thought of fresh, fried, or baked oysters make your mouth water? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place.


Here on the Long Beach Peninsula, oysters don't get much fresher. Many of our restaurants feature oysters harvested locally from Willapa Bay, the cleanest estuary in the United States.


Even if you can't make it to the beach for fresh oysters, be sure to ask your server where they get their oysters when you dine out. One out of every six oysters consumed in the United States comes from Willapa Bay!

Shooters and the Half Shell

Oysters in their purest form. When it comes to shooters, most folks either love them or hate them. These are often served as small plates or appetizers. To get the best experience, pair your dish with the perfect bottle of wine or beer from North Jetty Brewing.


The only way to get oysters fresher than this is to head down to the Nahcotta Tidelands to harvest your own straight from Willapa Bay.


Where to Go


Salt Pub - with homemade cocktail sauce


OleBob's - with homemade cocktail sauce


Castaways - local Willapa Bay oysters


Lost Roo - Goose Point oysters from Willapa Bay with cocktail sauce and a lime wedge


Bridgewater Bistro (in neighboring Astoria) - served with Absolut Peppar cocktail sauce


[pickled fish] - seasonal selection of Pacific Northwest oysters with seasonal mignonette (raw, starter)



Fried food doesn't need much of an introduction. Crispy on the outside. Tender and juicy on the inside. Fried oysters are delicious.


Whether you prefer pan or deep fried oysters is really the only question left. Quite a few places have either option available to order.​


A rich and savory way to enjoy these bivalves. If you aren't a fan of oysters in their raw form, baked oysters may be more up your alley. Usually, these come loaded with tasty toppings like butter, cheese, and bacon.


Traditionally, oysters and wine go together. But try pairing baked oysters with your favorite beers. You may be pleasantly surprised how perfect they go together.

Where to Go

OleBob's - Baked Willapa Bay oysters on the half shell (entree)


Castaways - "Oysters Rockefeller" baked on the half shell and loaded with spinach, bacon, onion, and garlic parmesan (appetizer)

[pickled fish] - wood oven oysters with garlic smoked butter, fresh herbs, and a lemon wedge (starter)

Hangtown Fry

Whoever said oysters can't be for breakfast? The Hangtown fry goes all the way back to the California gold rush. While the origin of this dish is unclear, most people say a prospector struck it rich and requested the most expensive dish money could by at a hotel. This ended up being what is essentially an oyster frittata.


However the Hangtown fry came to be, it's just as delicious today as it was in the 1850s.


Where to Go


42nd St. Cafe & Bistro - baked omelet with oysters, eggs, bacon, spinach, parmesan, and green onions (breakfast)


Bridgewater Bistro (in neighboring Astoria) - traditional hangtown fry with a twist - farm fresh eggs with house-smoked Willapa bay oysters, arugula, pepper-bacon, smoked gouda, and finished in the oven (breakfast)


Where to Go


The Depot - pan or deep fried Willapa Bay oysters with roasted garlic aioli dipping sauce (available as a small plate or entree)


42nd St. Cafe & Bistro  - herbed and corn rice flour encrusted oysters from the Ekone Oyster Co. served with homemade tart sauce (entree or as a side for breakfast)


Castaways - Willapa Bay oysters pan or deep fried with a lemon wedge and homemade tartar sauce (entree)


Dooger's - lightly coated pan or deep fried (appetizer or entree) - Cajun style available


[pickled fish] - buttermilk fried oysters with watercress aioli and radishes (starter)

Salt Pub - served with homemade cocktail sauce (appetizer)


OleBob's - beer-battered Willapa Bay oysters served with french fried potatoes and house coleslaw or homemade cocktail sauce


Hungry Harbor - golden brown, lightly breaded served with fries, harbor slaw, tartar or cocktail sauce (entree)


Loose Kaboose - hand battered and served with coleslaw, tartar, and cocktail sauce plus your choice of fries, salad, or chowder (entree)


Bridgewater Bistro (in neighboring Astoria) - our very own Willapa Bay oysters served with tartar sauce (small plate or entree) - Cajun style available


More Ways to Enjoy Oysters

42nd St. Cafe & Bistro - "The Beachcomber" features two eggs with your choice of oysters or a razor clam (breakfast)


Crab Pot - ol' fashioned oyster stew


Castaways - oyster burger - lightly breaded and fried Willapa Bay oysters served with tartar sauce


Hungry Harbor - oyster burger - topped with lightly browned oysters, harbor tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato


Anita's Coastal Cafe - oyster burger served with your choice of chips, french fries, soup, or salad

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